Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tum dee dee tum!

The sweetness of revenge:

When we first moved into our new home, the neighbour below us kept blasting his brand new stereo so loudly that our house shook. Literally. It wasn't very nice of him at all, was it? Sometimes pretty late at night too, and most of the weekends.

Last week, dear hubby finally fixed up his huge speakers, okie, the smaller set, since the big ones really got no space, and we tried out this one hell of a cd. On drums. For a while. We shook.


Fortunately for him, the drum cd didn't sound very good with the smaller set of speakers. Wait till we fix up the biggest ones then. heh heh.

So now, we shall play through all our cds. There are some of mine which I've never heard before. The stereo sounded beautiful with my classical music. And darling's jazz is beautiful at night.


So now, all I want to do is to throw an ammonia stinkbomb down onto the balcony of the chap two floors down who smokes at the edge and pollutes my air.

Dear hubby is not very pleased with me right now. He's sitting at his nice cozy corner and giving me the glare.

Because earlier I begged and begged him to let me squeeze that tiny little pimple of his. It was sooo tempting, you know, a small little ripe one where the sap is peeking out just a little. My fingers sooo itchy! :P

And he finally relented after I promised and promised that I'll be very careful. It won't be like last time. I swear!

He was much truamatised after that.


heh heh heh heh heh.

And if Xena is wondering who in NUS is reading her ... I'm wondering who in IDA is reading me!! DUH. Am I being watched? *twilight zone music*

From the reports, baby has BIG feet, a big flat nose and a rather big head.

Oh dear.

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