Wednesday, October 05, 2005

To nitpick

It's quite hard to continue to feel grouchy after reading Xena's latest post, where you can't help but grin from ear to ear at her fun and erotic night performance, and feel happy for her. Heh.

So should I continue to write what made me feel grouchy? It's just me being small-gased and petty and irritated with certain things that happen.

Okie, so I just wanna nit-pick. *bleah*

Hmmm .... *scratch head*

There were a few things that made me irritated and grouchy lately, and the thoughts kept running in my head. Had to expel them, you know ... but somehow I don't feel so grouchy as before I read Xena's blog. See, that's why I'm her rabid fan. Sometimes when you read something really interesting and inspiring, it makes you forget about your own irritation. :P

Then again, I shall write for what it's worth. :P

I have no idea which century and which city she has been living these past years. It's been a long time since I've heard from her. She called me the other night, and some of her remarks kinda irks me. It reminded me why I don't really like talking to her nowadays.

Like: Huh? You still have to work?
Hello. Of course I still have to work. People like me all work until they pooped. Unless there're complications. Talk about IQ. *rolls eyes*.

Like: Huh? You are in the train? Are you sure you can travel in the train?
*rolls eyes even more*
Of course I can travel in the train. Duh duh duh. What would I be doing in the train if I cannot travel in the train? Duh duh duh. If I'm not up to travelling in the train, then I would have taken a cab home. Duh duh duh.

Like: Your hubby should be driving you around! Get him to drive you around!!
*eyes rolls and hit sixes*
I hate it when people tells me what my hubby should be doing or not, or what I should be getting him to do for me. It's frankly none of their business. And it really annoys me. It makes it feel as if I have to defend him because of something which is of my own decision. I mean, hey .. you don't go around asking your friend, how come your husband never do this for you, or do that for you. Right? Talk about EQ. Duh.

So tell me, am I being nitpicking and petty? Or do I have a case to be slightly annoyed?

I wasn't even complaining! Here I was, happily taking the train home, after going for a relaxing facial, right after a super long and annoying meeting which was another cause for grouchiness ... where was I, happily taking the train home, to stop by hubby's place of work to wait for him to finish his busy busy day ... and there you called me, and making some inane remarks.


And you called not because you were wondering how I was, perhaps you were, but it was because you had a survey to do, and I obliged with it, because I was in a rather good mood that night.

Then I got irritated after that when my brain ran over the events.


And it was kinda irritating when you woke me up at 6.15 am the next morning.


Perhaps my temper is just a little bit short nowadays.

So I haven't returned the call yet. Till I feel less grouchy I guess. :P

The good news is that they moved them down to the ground floor. It was definitely tiring to climb up many many flights of stairs to the fourth floor every day times that like eight times a day.


I don't think I was being very appreciative to you when you told me that earlier. My face seems to be quite frozen in a state of grouchiness lately, but somehow my heart lightened a little when you told me that. I'm sorry if I didn't smile at you and thanked you. In fact, I think I hardly smile at work nowadays, except to the kids, and only to the good ones.


I'm tired, my nose is perpetually blocked, and so are my ears.


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