Saturday, October 08, 2005

Work Stressed

I had to wake up very early this morning. But not to go blading. Oh how I missed the blading. Mostly the wind in the hair and the freedom of movement. The last time I bladed was with PM, and Min was on the bicycle. And before that it was with dear hubby and the falling down part.


If only I woke up early this morning to go blading!

But nooo, back to work on a Saturday morning for a long boring meeting. To be fair, it wasn't that boring, but some of them were pretty boring, especially after the tea-break. Well, it takes all kinds.

I have this theory. I think most guys can't really take care of themselves properly! If left alone, they would be much neglected and might become like those homeless chaps you see on TV, living a day one after another, neglecting their personal hygiene and becoming sleep deprived and half-starved.


Do you know of any single chaps who stank? They are probably living a life of their own, workaholics and basically not taking care of themselves. But if they are married, the wives would be taking care of them, or if they live with their caring mothers, the mama boy would also be well-taken care of by their loving mothers. Unless of course the chap is gay or a metrosexual. That's different.


So I came home to find poor dear hubby running a temperature, hungry and sick. It really sucks when there's no one to take care of you. I'm so glad we have each other. :)

I will have to make some nice hot herbal stuffs for him sometime. He seems to be catching quite a few things nowadays. It's the over-working. Life here is so tough. When can we ever just sit down and watch the sunset together? Or walk slowly down the beach hand-in-hand and look at the clouds floating by?


Everyone should go get themselves a nice good massage. That really beats all that stress. It's soothing, it's relaxing, it makes you drool. Just gave dear hubby a rub on his back and shoulders, head and eyes to chase away all those aches and pains and now he's asleep. Hopefully he'll be well enough when he wakes up. :)

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