Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Time capsule

Over the weekend, we went back to our parents' place and packed a few more things. I uncovered boxes of rubbish which I've kept when I was a kid. Letters from friends whilst in school, cards, presents etc. How quaint. Stuffs my parents gave me when I was little. Toys, dolls and many other niknacks. Each item tells a story, and brings back memories.

Like the beaded necklace my Grandma gave me. Perhaps it's even in fashion now! heh.

I found a photo of my Austrian pen-friend. We wrote for two years and eventually ran out of things to say. I remembered I stopped writing first, because I was becoming boring and repetitive. I wonder how she is now. That was like when we were nine or ten years old. How time flies! I still have some of the gifts she gave me, like the pretty bangle, and the little necklace which is now tarnished.

Dear hubby found his baby photos. He has always been telling me he was so cute when he was a kid, and now I've finally set my eyes upon them. Boy, he is definitely very cute! Such a happy smilling cheerful baby with lovely chubby cheeks! And that mischevious grin certainly melts hearts. :) My dearest hubby was such a cute baby!!! heh heh.

One day, we shall go through his photo albums together with his mom and listen to all the stories. :) Memories are the most important things in a person's life, and it's always good to recall the happy memories.

They drive away the dark clouds of depression. :)

Note to self: Must take more photos. Next time when we are old, it'll be lovely to sit back together and go through those photos.


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