Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Random thoughts generated by overworking

And perhaps sometimes it's just asking (or not asking) questions that you already KNOW the answers to - but choose not to SEE.

If one knows the answers to the questions, and the answers are BAD .... then it's time to move on!

True, it may be the toughest thing to want to SEE or it may be that one just wishes to cling on to something familiar or maybe for some other reasons only heaven knows, it really doesn't matter at the end. Life still goes on, whether it sucks big time, or you could just look at it from another angle and hey it isn't so bad actually.

Been there. Been blind. Been stupid.

One may wish to seek understanding, but others may wish to withhold that information. One may try very hard, but others may wish not to bother. One can always try and try and plead and find and ask and close the eyes, and if the other is just a piece of rock, in the end, one just hurt oneself badly. And in the end, it doesn't matter anymore, but to look elsewhere to find answers.


And perhaps to find someone who wants to answer the questions as much as you want to ask. :)

You would think that they would have enough time to check through the answers and make sure there won't be any careless mistakes.

Noooo ... they'd rather do the extra question, and god knows what else.

Careless, careless, careless.

*rolls eyes*

It's strange how they made the same mistakes. Does that number really look like a four? Where's the four? Some more I purposely rewrite it dark dark to make it clearer. So many of them so cock-eyed.


I've been kicked, punched and hammered upon vigourously for the past few days. Talk about abuse. tsk tsk. What would it be like next time?


And we laughed ourselves silly again last night as we tried to be creative. Again.

heh heh.

I'm not sure I'm that keen to go for the free make-over. They would usually plaster the face with too thick a foundation, too much powder and too heavy a make-up.

Did I mention how the course was like?

It was quite interesting to find out about the latest fashion and all those makeup tips. Actually Wen and I went for it because of the voucher, and well ... the food. Cakes were good. heh heh. And we thought there was another voucher which would have been a bonus.

We weren't very impressed with their demo. In the first place, the 'volunteer' wasn't very pretty. :P I'm biased, I know .... but it's always a pleasure to look at a pretty face, or a cute guy for that matter. *bleah*

Then both of us agreed that the foundation used was too light. Even after they were going on about how important it was to choose the right shade, they themselves gave her a death mask. tsk tsk tsk.

Next, the blush was too pink. It made her looked .... awful. She was slightly chubby on the face (and person), and the blush didn't serve to narrow the face at all.

Eye-liner was supposed to bring out the eyes, but somehow it simply highlighted the fact that her eyes were small and beady, and her face too wide.

Her eyebrows weren't tamed, and filling it in made it even worse. *shudder*

Get the picture yet?

The hairstylist did a negative demonstration as well. Her hair was flat and straight, then it became flat and messy. Oh dear. I don't understand why he looked so pleased with his handiwork for.

And I don't understand why after the 'make-over' she sat straighter, smiled more and appeared more confident. Why why why are women so unconfident of themselves?

All in all, both of us felt that the make-over made her look 'old', more auntie, highlighted her 'bad' features, too pink and too mask-like.

But still, we are going down to get our free makeover. Talk about being cheapskate. hahaha.

But actually nowadays I rather prefer to have my face free of make-up. :P

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