Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sinful indulgence

Aka How to kill your throat.

So you ran out of chocolate ice-cream.

So you feel too lazy to go out and have dessert.

So you crave for something sweet.

What's the next best thing?

There's a tub of coffee ice-cream in the fridge. It was for hubby actually. He prefered coffee to chocolate, but he had been sick lately so the ice-cream doesn't move that fast.

But what choice do I have? Something is better than nothing eh?

So you add a generous dollop of nutella chocolate into your little bowl of ice-cream. Ahhhh ... heaven. :) Oh, and the last three fresh strawberries grew mould. *sob* Wait! It's not the end. Where is the strawberry jam? Aaaahhhhh ....

*smacks lips*

I think the strawberry jam was a little mistake. My throat.



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