Monday, October 31, 2005

Some things worth remembering

Band of Brothers.

What I like:
In Crossroads, when Capt. Winters charges out on his own to the enemy line and came face to face with a German soldier and shot him dead, and his troop did a 'turkey shoot' on all the fleeing Germans. They were SS toO! Wow.

In The Breaking Point, when Lt. Speirs charges out on his own right into the midst of the enemies and they were simply too stunned to shoot at him.

And he does look quite cute too. heh.

I love war movies. :)
I love reading books on wars and spies and such stuffs. :)

Now where was the book on WWII which I read half way last time? My interest waxes and wanes.

My favourite spy book is still The Spy who came in from the Cold. Now, where can I find it to read it again? Perhaps when the bookstore has a discount, I might buy it.


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