Saturday, October 29, 2005


Procastination - Have not booked catering yet. Have not confirmed with friends on housewarming.

Mood - sian.



Blading Saturday AND Sunday. hOp!hOp!hOp!hOp!

I wish I could too. *sigh*

Sometimes it feels like my life is over. When, if ever, would I be able to do such things again?

*hears prison doors closing*


What do I do nowadays? Holidays are looming, but there seems to be a stretch of monotonity. Cook, clean, wash, tidy. *sniff*

Perhaps I might go shopping, but what is there to buy?

Perhaps I might go someplace nice to eat, but I'm sick of food.

Perhaps I might go .... and where to, pray?

Mood: moody.


Perhaps I might try out some recipes, but who is there to eat?

Perhaps, oh perhaps perhaps perhaps.

What a horrid hot day today.

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