Monday, October 31, 2005

Is it meant to be?

"Maybe there's no one in this lifetime. I just can't be bothered to look anymore, or to take interest in anyone. I don't look beyond the moment anymore."

Sometimes I wonder why so many of my girlfriends are all single. Perhaps they like it that way, or perhaps they are simply too busy, or perhaps they feel the same way, or perhaps not. I do not really know if they are truely happy or sad or just bochup and perhaps they themselves do not know as well.

What would I have been liked if I went down the same path as well?

My circle of friends was so small, and once I would have felt despair of finding someone I was interested in and who was interested in me. It was only lukewarm at best, and none dashingly cute to fly me to the moon.

Yet, perhaps it seemed meant to be, for one came along. And the better you know him, the cuter he became, the sweeter it is, and wittisims and humourisms added colour to the image.

I have two theories. :P

To keep him close to your heart, feed him, love him and make him happy.

And it is not safe to stay too long in a boy-girl-friend relationship. Commitment is the key, and willingness to work together forever, and the belief in 'till death do us apart.


Once upon a time, I would just have thought and be depressed. I am glad that I had tried.

And life doesn't just stop there. It continues forever, sometimes every so tiring, sometimes ever so rewarding.


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