Monday, October 10, 2005

Hush a bye mountain

The root of the problem hadn't been poor communication...

... it had been an utter lack of understanding, of intentions. And an inability to sense their meaning.

We fear what we do not understand.

Why do we fear what we do not understand? Why do we not simply ask? Why do we not explain?

Isn't it so easy, just to ask?
Isn't it so easy, simply to explain?
Isn't it so easy, then to understand?

Why, instead, do people keep quiet and not ask, or when they asked, not wanting to answer, not wanting to explain, not wanting to share?

Perhaps it's not just lack of understanding, but not bothering or caring enough to want to ask and to find out, and not wishing to share and let the other person know how you truely feel.

Withhold information, not wanting to appear weak, knowledge is power, not caring enough, not wanting to care enough, not wanting to appear desperate or persistant, too easily to give up, not caring enough to tell, not caring enough to listen, not wanting to share, afraid of opening up, afraid of how others would think of you then ...

And hence the silence.

Wouldn't everyone be much happier if they are open about things, and for others not to be too judgemental or cruel?

Perhaps people just are. Selfish. And cruel.

But perhaps not.

Silence can be comforting sometimes, when you just enjoy his company. The best part in our relationship is that we do not keep secrets from each other. I can just be myself, and he himself. We can be totally direct, honest and truthful. And love gives us patience, and tempers any unpleasanties with tack, humour and concern. Never to hurt, but to grow together.


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