Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Not my day

I waited half an hour but couldn't get the bread I wanted.

I went all the way down to get the tubs of ice-cream only to find that I need the coupons for the discount. And I couldn't find the coupons at home.

boo hoo! :(

And PM called me while I was on the way home asking me out for dinner.


Today is definitely not my day.

*sniff sniff*

So here I am back home, without the bread I wanted, no tubs of ice-cream, and no dinner with PM.


Instead, I've asked her to come over since I'm going to cook dinner for hubby anyway, so hopefully she'll be here later. Maybe I can get her to swim with me. :P

Menu tonight was supposed to be only tofu and onion eggs. I may have to cook something more.


Sian ah.

But it'll be nice to have some company at least tonight. Sometimes I do wish I have a close sister to hang out with, I guess PM will do. :)

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