Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Just not it

Aiyoh ... so troublesome to email! Auntie ... your rabid fans have all become spamsiums. *mutter*

Anyway, the red lacy one. Definitely. :P

Rain rain rain. Everyday. They can't finish the roof works. Damn.


Everywhere also jam. Took me more than one hour and a half to get down. Hubby was late too, and he dumped me in a bus-stop somewhere. *sniff sniff*


I forgive him lah. Told him to do so cos of the bloody freak jam all the way down. *sigh* Fortunately, that bus-stop had a direct bus all the way to where I wanted to go. *whew* I remembered a long long time ago, hubby dropped me somewhere and in the end I had to change three buses to get to my destination!

There are simply no freaking taxis in the mornings.

And so it ended early, but I didn't feel like going home. Walking alone in town isn't very theraputic anymore. *sigh* There's nothing I could buy for myself. *sniff* Min was going for a movie, Wen didn't feel like dinner, and PM was on call. How unlucky could I get?

Yup, very unlucky. The yoga class which I wanted to attend was changed to Thursday. *mutter mutter mutter*

Oh well. The slightly good thing was that there was a class by my teacher. None too easy, but .... since I was there already and I was bored, and I was down, and I had nothing else to do ....

Damn damn damn. Now I feel damn fat. :(

I wonder how fat people can stand being fat. It's so hard to breathe, you pant so easily, you can't be nimble and quick, or flexible. You get tired easily, and you can't even bend forward. Duh.

I think I shall stick to swimming for a while. If it isn't too cold.


No more ice-cream. An acquaintance ordered McDonald's ice-cream, you know, the one with the chocolate fudge, and I practically drooled when she ate in front of me. *sniff sniff*

No more ice-cream. At least perhaps only once a week.

I had healthy fresh fruit juice instead. :P

I'm getting old. Some people are just sooo strange. So fastidious, and just so ... well, self-centered? rude? Hmm, I was a bit taken aback. Or maybe it's just me. I'm old.


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