Tuesday, October 25, 2005


There are some things that I ought to be doing now, but I'm just lazing on the computer till dear hubby comes home.

What do I have to do?

Start picking up the stitches on my knitting. Somehow I'm more motivated when doing for someone else, but when it comes to my own, the urgency is gone. But it's quite annoying to have completed the fourth row and find an extra stitch on the needle! So I had to unpick and I'm taking a break.


Had been watching quite a lot of TV recently. Love those National Geographic, Animal World and Discovery channels. There's this one showing how wild cats are being brought up by hand. Cats like leopard cubs and whatever. They are all soo cute when they're small! These big and dangerous cats are just like kittens! It reminds me of those two kittens we picked up in the beginning of the year. How I wish I knew what to do then, they might have still been around. :(

And I have been watching war movies with dear hubby. Right now going through Band of Brothers. It's really very nice to cuddle up and watch together. And these shows are actually interesting! Had been watching stuffs on cars as well. I guess when one is married, one tends to learn and enjoy doing things one's partner likes. I never would have read or watch war stuffs on my own, or cars and racing for that matter.


It's a whole process of learning and growing together and doing things together.


Have to cut down on eating ice-cream. Doc said that baby is going to get fat ... and dibetic, although I don't seem to be getting fat. hahah. Take iron tablets not ice-cream. Whoops. My blood count is a little too low, have to 'improve' on that situation before the next visit. Damn. Dearest hubby is going to get 'scolded' if he doesn't feed me with iron tablets. heh heh heh.

Oh well ...

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