Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday again

Too soon ... it's another Friday.

Rainy, sleepy and dreamy Friday.
Quiet, tired and bloated Friday.
Cool, soft and slow Friday.
Fat, idle and heavy Friday.

It's a Friday, and I'm all worn out. I should be doing things around the house. Washing, ironing and some cleaning, but I'm moving adagio.

I had a nice massage again today. Fell deeply asleep and definitely drooled. You know, the therapist woke you up and you realised the towel by your mouth definitely felt wet. heh heh. It felt soooo good. :)

Bought my four tubs of ice-cream! :) And a special bottle of sake for hubby. Managed to get home before he left for work and gave him a huge special hug. Was planning to get home earlier and make a simple meal but it would had been too rushed and too stressed. Indulged in iced-mocha vanilla instead. :P

I'm starting to feel it. Sideways too. I guess the last lap would be fast. :P

Sneezed yesterday morning and slipped off the top stairs. Damn. Good thing I was holding on to the railings. Thump thump thump I went and sat on my butt. My palm hurts but otherwise it wasn't too bad. Poor babe must have had a shock and was being very wild the whole of yesterday. Doh!

We finally caught Corpse's Bride. I thought it was certainly very morbid and just a little touching. I don't exactly like it, cute, yes ... but hmm, seemed rather superficial. Bloke sure changed his mind rather quickly. Makes you wonder what his idea of love is. Rather disappointing ... not exactly romantic. But one would never expect Tim Burton to be romantic huh?

Did I mention I kind of like Johnny Depp? :) BUT ... only when he looks wierd. There was this movie on HBO, Once upon a time in Mexico, where he looks NORMAL, and boy, he sure looks NORMAL. He only looks GOOD when he looks WIERD. hahaha. :P Tim Burton sure likes to work with him.


It seems rather strange that when you meet one friend, you suddenly meet lots of friends. Had dim sum lunch with Min this afternoon, bumped into YS at the taxi stand in the evening, and PM just called. wow.

It was quite heartening to hear them sing with gusto and pride. And to hear the valadiction said with sincerity, humour and meaning. And they seemed to appreciate the words, and they were listening. Concert was short and sweet, everything was done not because it was for show, but it truely mattered. How really different.

And baby danced to the cheeky music. tsk tsk tsk.

Or maybe I was hungry. Sometimes I swear I can't quite tell when I'm hungry and the stomach is rumbling. Don't have much of an apetite at times. Skipped dinner last night because didn't feel like it. Perhaps it's also the mood swings.


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