Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Happy times

Listening to Mischa Maisky on the cello, CD titled Apres un reve on my iTunes, because the rest of the music are not organised yet.

Beautiful lovely music that is. :)

Eating huge sri lankan crabs. I like my crabs steamed, lightly steamed and served hot, not those cold crabs. It doesn't seem to be a spore thing, this steamed crabs, people usually have them either black peppered or chillied, but I just loved it steamed. Hubby's friends had never eaten steamed crabs before! Goodness. They thought it was nice too. heh.

Maybe it's a Malaysian thing.

Makes me mouth water thinking of going back there to eat all those seafood.


Nothing beats listening to lovely music and winning somewhat at chess, although looking at the way I'm playing currently, winning games are becoming rather dubious.

I hate it when I have to think too deeply. :P

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