Monday, August 08, 2005

Mood = grouchy


Because they came and mess up my house again.

And will do it again and again and again.

Because I'm the only one doing all the unpacking.

Because I've climbed up and down fifty times today carrying all those heavy books.

Because I have to wipe each dusty volume with a wet cloth myself.

Because I have to climb up and down the high stool to put the books on the top shelf.

Because the rest of the shelves aren't up yet.

Because guys do not see dirt at all, and cannot do hard labour.

Because I'm sick of nagging.

Because I want to buy my pretty ear-rings.

Because I hate the people at work.

Because it seems that no one can clean as clean as I, and the only person who surpasses me as my mom.

Because I'm becoming a cleanliness freak.

Because my ear kept going on block.

And finally because I'm just sick and tired.

So there.


So shopping was fun over the weekend. I used Min's gift to get myself a very pretty set of Japanese tea-cups. Unfortunately teapot not included, so I have to get a nice one myself sometime.

Perhaps the rest who haven't bought me anything yet might want to consider. :P Min: Go hint to them!! I'd like an English tea-set as well. Gee. I do like tea-sets a lot! :P

I've also got myself a big tanya(? too lazy to check spelling) pot to do double boiling. And a small one for the inner pot. I think it is too small, I'll know when I next cook the black herbal chicken.

Also got my nice expensive frying pan. heh heh. Not expensive after using all those vouchers. Must exchange for more vouchers!! There are still a few things I'm eyeing. Oh greedy!

Over the weekend, I've experimented with cooking herbal black chicken. It was a tight squeeze in the ginseng pot I got at somewhere (you know where it was supposed to be the 'cheapest' but I found Tangs selling same thing more cheaply!!) So duh, I got hubby to return the pot and get a refund, because I was so absolutely pissed. And we only managed one cup of soup after the tight squeeze. I'm afraid the new pot is even smaller. Gotta go Chinatown sometime!!


Me and my perfectionistic view of having things. :P

The herbs were bought in a packet. I think next time I'd rather buy my own herbs myself and do the concortion on my own. Probably will taste nicer too. Yesh, I am THAT fussy! :P

So we shopped till my feet hurt. It was so exciting to buy things, but somehow when we got home, it seems that there weren't many things that we bought. I could have sworn that the amount of bags we were carrying seems like we'd bought the whole department store! And the amount of money and vouchers spent! Shessh.

What a slight letdown it was when unpacking the shopping stuffs. Not enough kick. *bleah*

We were talking about how to eat ice-cream in a stick. Apparently Wen and hubby doesn't like the haggan daz ice-cream sticks as fanatically as I do. I think they eat too slow till the ice-cream melted, that's why they drip chocolate. tsk tsk tsk. It was a hot day today, especially after all that hard work, and I treated myself to one ice-cream stick. And I found that hey, I only take less than FIVE minutes to finish the ice-cream. See, that's the trick to eat such ice-cream.


Cold in your mouth till brain do freezes.

Listening to Brahms Cello Sonata. Gloomy and dark, just the way I like, just the way I felt while doing all those work.

Thighs are damn achy after yoga yesterday. I do certainly feel out of shape! More swimming needed! So hot a weather!

Guests are coming for lunch tomorrow! Oh what shall I cook? Here's the plan:
Bai Cai soup
Chicken stir fry or till I take a peek at those new cookbooks I've got!
Egg (always a safe choice!)
Prawns (the style I love ... and a little bit of lemon this time)

I sure hope those workers finish their work by ten so that I can clean up and get ready. They'd better, the dragon is sprouting fire nowadays. I went down and blasted them today for doing so slow.

Question: How many Indian workers does it take to patch a wall?
Answer: 4
One to hold the ladder, one to climb the ladder to actually patch the wall, one to hold the pail of putty, and one to walk around and leave dirty footprints on the floor.

Bloody freaking hell.

I was hoping that they would have finished before I come home from work.

Bloody freaking hell.

And it only take one Chinese worker to do the same work the last time.

My father told me they spent twenty minutes or so laying the newspapers and covering up the furniture, and disappeared for their looonnng tea break.

An hour later, they returned to hack the wall.

And soon after disappeared for a two hour lunch break.

I'm not really racist or anything but I'm absolutely pissed off, and when you tell them off, they just roll their heads and protested god-knows-what.

Bloody freaking hell.

And I insisted that they sweep and vacumn and mop the floor before they left. Well, I did the vaumning and my father did the mopping in the end.

Good rididence. And they are going to dirty my place again tomorrow.

Please give me strength.

And if still quite dear hubby is not going to clean up his mess, I'm going to start throwing things away.

So there.

Okie, so I still need:

1. One microwave oven.
God knows where I am going to put it in my tiny kitchen, but it's really useful to have one to reheat food.

2. One slow cooker.
Mom says can make herbal chicken in slow cooker. Time to get more vouchers!

3. One heavy cleaver.
I saw the one I like on sale at Isetan yesterday but I ran out of vouchers. Next round of shopping then!

4. More tupperware!
But I haven't decide which types yet. Must finish using the rest first. Mainly about ten percent left untouched actually, so can buy some more. I'd hate to buy them and end up storing them in boxes or under the sink like some other people!

5. ... there's more, but I'll put it down when they come to my mind. :P

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