Saturday, August 06, 2005

Quiet thoughts

On bitterness: If you were going to give me a D anyway why should I be working so hard for you?

On unhappiness: Everyone is so unfriendly. There is so much tell-taleings. They have a knife by their side to stab and hurt.

On unfairness: Why did you assume that would have been done by me just because?

People who are insecure about themselves will seek to hurt others just to feel superior.

Definitely time to think about alternative resources. Definitely time to move on.

I'm not very upset, kinda immune to it all. Bochup really, because it's important to concentrate on doing what it is that you enjoy.

But sometimes it does get me down, and makes me feel demoralised. And especially so lonely.

And you end up buying something like this. :P

And have your eyes on that.

They're all silver, small and sweet. I can't afford the white gold ones, although white gold is certainly more me! :P Will maybe buy the ear rings next month!


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