Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Just another day

Xena seems to be gone. Her blog is not available anymore. I wonder if she's no longer writing or if her blog is temporary down. I hope she still continues to write, for her writings are one of the better ones, inspiring and entertaining at times.


Hubby seems to have done something to the computer. Nowadays a lot of things also cannot access. duh.

Hmm hmm hmm ...

It was such a hot hot hot day today. My nice massage in the morning was negated after all the shopping after that. What a dodo I am. Next time shop first then get a massage. Did my nails too. Boring boring day.

I am a boring boring person. I quite like routine most of the time. It is steady, and sometimes just for the fun of it, if something unexpected happen, all the more interesting it is. Life is mainly boring and mundane. But it's nice to be living a life with someone one loves and cares about.

My feet aches. :P

I digress. It's still too hot to do think of anything earthshaking to write. It had been pretty boring these few days. Not boring ... just uninteresting. Mundane. Routine. Found I couldn't quite fit into my swimsuit anymore. Ack.


So hot.

Must remember to finish the fruits in the fridge. Wen asked me if I've finished the whatthatcalled? the .. err ... fruit. haha. which we bought at the market at that time. Oh, we've finished the mangoes, the last one was almost rotting ... but not the other fruit. Whoops. I forgot all about it, must cut tonight. Still got a pear which have been in the fridge for ages ... and the kiwi ... and oranges and apples. Oh dear ... *slapes forehead*. I do hope they are still edible.

So here's to just another day, just another boring entry, wonder why I bother to write anyway, such a hot day ... tralalala.


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