Monday, August 22, 2005

Little things over the weekend

One of the most telling reason why I went with Wen to the market again is really for the breakfast.

heh. I kinda like the breakfast there! And it really doesn't do much to give Wen a lift. Though sometimes I really feel like lazing a bit longer in bed. :P

And besides, most of the time, Wen is good company. Sometimes one has to take some effort to keep friendships close. Otherwise, it is so easy to drift apart.

Besides there are always delicious mangoes to buy. :P

Hmmm, what should I ask her to get for me from Hong Kong? ;P ;P

They fixed the floor pretty all right now. I guess we shan't ask for the moon but accept their work. I insisted that they mopped up the place after that. That saves hubby the mopping, so dear hubby was of course happy to supervise then. heh.

Now for the walls. Just the really more obvious cracks.

At least I feel at peace when I get home.

And that means back to ironing. bleah

We spent some time exploring our neighbourhood. These are the moments in life that are more precious than gold or silver. A slow romantic walk under the bright round yellow moon, gawking at the zoological exhibits and theme parks below us. To see the rhinos and sleeping lions and leaf-eating giraffes. To giggle and point at exhibit no. 5431 and grimace at the monkeys running around and climbing the trees. All because the windows were supposed to be misted, but somehow they didn't really work that way.


We left all the street directories at home, and got hopelessly lost. At least I still had some sense of direction, somewhat .... and managed to impress hubby now and then with the correct direction. heh. It was a nice feeling to get lost together and it was definitely fun wandering about looking at the scenery. Nothing to be panicky about especially your loved one is with you.

We saw sand dunes and greenish yellow lalang fields. We saw strange UFO-shaped buildings and plain empty roads. There was a river runneth through, but it didn't look like it would stink, so where was all that smell coming from?

Still, this place is too small to truely get lost. All roads lead to home, and just follow the road with most cars on it.


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