Wednesday, August 24, 2005

One little thing at a time

After another particularly bad day today, where I didn't even have time to go to the toilet or have lunch ... *sob*, plus some bad news ....

it's really quite overwhelming to come home and find that
a) there are dirty dishes waiting to be washed in the sink.
b) I have to clear hubby's lunch away (throw away plastic bag)
c) clothes are stewn on the floor.
d) house is dirty.
e) I have to prepare dinner soon.

But you know, sometimes you just have to take things in stride. One little thing at a time. Just one little thing at a time.

1. Wash the dishes. That takes 5 minutes.
2. Take out the chicken which was half defrosted and thaw it completely.
3. Throw away dirty plastic bag of hubby's lunch. :P heh.
4. Get a quick cold bath to really cool down.
5. Pick up all the clothes and sort them out to soak later.
6. Start preparing dinner.

And before you know it, things are looking up! Yay. And of course dear hubby does indeed feel a little guilty and helped me out somewhat when he came back. :P


And so another busy day coming to an end, and I get to sit down and read a little and to write a little.

And it feels good to get things done, to forget about unhappiness at work.

I was thinking of writing about what made me upset, but decided that it's not worth writing about it, or ranting about it. Because there is nothing I can do, it's just that way, and there's no point asking why or trying to change things.

Perhaps if you are truely interested, I might tell you about it one day. Then again, it wouldn't matter anymore ... would it?

I shall now declear a break and play chess. It can be destressing sometimes especially when you're winning on easy games. heh heh.

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