Monday, August 22, 2005

Little things that cheer me up

It was really really an awful day. Them kids are so terrible. I guess the best is just to ignore them and pray that the lesson ends quickly and that they will spontanously combust.

I really hate them.

And I really wish that one day they will run across the road and get knock down by a car. Those few of them. If I pray really hard, will my wish come true?

Why do they bother to come to school?

Why do adults bother to have children when they cannot take good care of them and teach them proper values?

Those few ought to be smothered in their beds when they were babies. What a pain in the neck.

I swore I will not get angry. I shall not get angry. Why do I bother to get angry? After all it is their own problem if they don't want to study, but they just have to make so much noise and can't shut up.

What shall I do next time? Just ignore them and don't bother continuing with the lesson. No one can hear me anyway.

Why do I bother preparing so many things for them anyway? What a waste of my time.

I wish I could do something to really teach them a lesson that they will regret their existence.

Brainless horrible worms.

But these are the little things that cheer me up.

1. Step out of the building.
2. Clean up the kitchen and put away my new tupperware. :)
3. A big hug from dear hubby.
4. A nice dinner which was duly appreciated.

Hubby had a bad Monday too. But at least he didn't have to be annoyed by irritating pesky screaming noisy kids.

Thank god not all the classes are like that. There are still some things to look forward to.


sniff sniff

You know the place isn't a good place when they place the new teachers in the worst classes.

In my previous school, it wasn't done that way. Experienced teachers who truely understood those kids were given those classes and they knew how to deal with them. And there were a lot of support given. Special needs and special attention and special programmes.

Here, no one wants to teach those classes so the new people get them. What the heck. And people are just not friendly. They backstab you when they could, telling tales behind your back. I really dislike the environment. I really dislike the people there.

After more than half a year of teaching the NT class, I realised that the contents are really not suitable for them. Some of them can't even read properly, and most of them just aren't interested. The stuffs are just simply too theoretical for them. They shouldn't be staying in the class each lesson and made to study. Oh yes, they are streamed, but afterwhich, they are forgotten. Up there doesn't seem to understand their situation.

I cannot bring myself to their level. I cannot understand their horrible little world. I am not of their stupid low standard. I have not gone through their hardships. Their world is a totally different world from mine.

I do not know what resources there are to help them. The stuffs I prepare and have are for more intelligent kids who have a keen interest to learn. There is nothing I can fall back on to give them. There is no support from the place I work and from the people there. I do not know who to ask or where to find things. No one wants to bother about them. And neither do I.

Three more months to go.

Three more freaking months to go.

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