Friday, August 12, 2005

Gleeful strikeback

Okie, nothing really happy about, really. Just that I felt that I've scored one with that pinch-faced irritating smoker of a sub contractor. So much for his bullshit. Oh yeesssh, he tried to bully his way to have the indian worker do the varnishing of the floor, but I was having none of that! Learnt from the experience of the neighbours who had to have the floor done twice after the indian worker did the first round. Oh no ... no no no. None of that at all. He could not overtalked me, as I persisted and stood firm. And reminded him all the past mistakes he had made which led to the re-doing of the floor this time.

Like, hadn't I insisted that they remove every piece of wood right in the beginning instead of patching a few here and there.

Like, hadn't we insisted that they were not to use glue but only wood putty.

Oh nooo ... indian worker is just as good as his workers. And he will be supervising.

Ya right. Get a non-specialist and it's no go. At least his workers are 'so-called' experts in the wood thingy.

And if they can't do it right, then you expect the plebian to get it right?

And if they can't get it right, then they just have to do again.

And again.

And again.

And hear from my lawyers.


I could have swore right into his face, except it's really not ladylike, and in front of my dad.

I went down and looked for the main con, and she was on my side. Perhaps she had a conscience after all, for all these would not have happened if she had agreed to our requests right from the beginning.

Or perhaps it was the lawyer's letter after that.

Or all the neighbours' complains.

I dunno. Or maybe she felt sorry for us.

Seems that she gave that pinch-faced arsehold a talking to.



heh :P

Ate too much last night and felt tummy extremely bloated.


Couldn't breathe!

Must really NOT eat too much.

Even though parents food are the most wonderful and the most delicious things ever. :)

And my parents are the most wonderful people ever.

Who else would come over and help me supervise all those work? Who else would help me mop the floor after that? Who else would cook a wonderful dinner later?

Although I was just a little annoyed with my father as he did not really 'supervise' those indian workers and they left the doors open and dust flew all into the house. I guess it only takes a woman to be that meticulous and detailed and fussy and bitchy when it comes to getting work done perfectly.


Hopefully, all's well that ends well.

Time to prepare dinner.

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