Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Irritating brother

You know how irritating it is when your brother took your favourite chess book away without telling you and you need to refer it urgently later.


Xena's server is down again, I guess. I think she needs to shoot her host, or at least get money back or else.


They're coming to redo the floor again tomorrow. This time the 'so-called' floor man will do both sanding and varnishing. Now we wonder, why didn't he do it in the first place rather than let the Indian workers do it? Isn't it more troublesome in the end? I guess the pinched-faced smoker of the sub-con has nothing to say. Ha.

We've reached the zen state now. We're just complain until they do it right. *shrug*

And it's getting there now. The floor is at least ... well, pretty good. Just need a little smoother will do! :)

I forgot how to play the Marshall attack. I could remember it as a strong attack but I just can't remember how exactly it goes. Isn't it so irritating, plus the book not with me? :(

Wished I've paid more attention when I was learning that move last time.

One board fell for the fried liver attack. heh heh.

Another two boards by the same opponent but of different colours seemed to have his queen trapped. In similiar ways. heh heh.

From India the fried one. heh heh ... really! no no I'm not at all, you know. :P Just coincidence ya.

My ear is still blocked. Extremely uncooperative today. And it feels kinda blocked but not really blocked right now. Good money down the drain. Cheh ... must complain to friend next time. Ask me go and see him end up nothing could be done ... and still have to pay.


Gaa. gaa. gaa... *bleah*

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