Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Repetitive strain injury

My fingers hurt. My hand hurt. My arm hurt. Ouch. I'm addicted to yahoo games. :P

That was yesterday. Couldn't blog about it after that. naturally.

There were new yahoo games, and I downloaded them and played each of them until the one hour trial period expired. So sad. I want more!

Good that I can't play too much then. heh.

Feeling damn tired. No mood to do anything. What should I be doing?

1. Clear up the mess around the house a bit.
2. Wash the dishes in the sink.
3. Boil some hot water for tomorrow.
4. Finish some markings which I've brought home and back and never touch at all.
5. Make my move in chessworld.

What do I feel like doing?

Be a slug and slug around.

Baby plays drums quite often nowadays. :)

There. I've finally mentioned it in my blog. heh heh. :)

Makes me tired. It's kinda nice I guess.

We were laughing ourselves silly trying out names for baby. :P We were quite bad, I'm sure baby could hear. There was one we liked, until a few weeks back, when I realised dear hubby's best friend's dog was also called that. Whoops. Perhaps we should shoot the dog. hmm.

Anyway, we have finally thought of one, but it's a secret. shhh.

My friend offered to give me two days of MC for yesterday and today. Soooooo tempting. Sooo soooo tempting. Damn him for tempting me. But I can't, not for today, or I'll never be able to prepare lessons properly for the week. Ack. Just feel so tired nowadays. And there're so many things happening in the afternoon. Where can I find my rest? *SIGH*

Why do I feel like a damn guinea pig when he stuck the tube down my nose?

It was the first time ever I could breathe easily through both nostrils. It felt so strange, that I had difficulty breathing! Believe it or not! Ended up kinda breathing through mouth instead. So duh.

But my ear still gets blocked. Nothing doing to it. Oh well.

Sometimes me wish that dearest hubby doesn't have to work till so late at night.

Other times it's good to go and tidy up the place when he's not around.

To work, lazy butt!

A thought just came into my head.

What does it mean to love someone?

Loving him doesn't only mean accepting him as he is. It's not just about love, it's respecting the kind of person he is, and to be proud of him and everything he does. It's a lot, and sometimes it's hard to put into words. Not to put him up on a pedestal definitely, but to think of him dearly and to need him too. :)

I love my one and only one.

And sometimes in our busy schedules in our busy daily lives, perhaps we might take each other for granted, or forget about the little things that are more important than ourselves.

And something dearest hubby said to me today, and I just felt so very proud of him. *beamz*

And I want to remember it here. Everyday may seem mundane sometimes, but I'm glad he shares with me the things he does, that he thinks it's worth telling me about, and it brightens up my day just listening to him. :)

*warm fuzzy feeling*


And you know what? The second best thing in life is to receive a call from him or an sms when he's not around with you.

:) :)

Of course the first best thing is to have him with you all the time. heh heh heh. *bleah*

Latest news on yahoo. Another plane crash. Why are there so many plane crashes these few days? :(

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