Friday, August 19, 2005

Not motivated

Was thinking of going out after dinner to get a new swim suit. Dear hubby doubled up laughing when I said swim pants. Such a nice weather to get a swim. Such a nice weather to stay in and vegetate. Such a nice weather to do nothing at all. Which is what I would do.

Dinner tonight was potato soup (again) with pumpkin. Tasted a bit strange, but it was pretty all right after adding lots of pepper. :P Together with stir-fry soft bean curd with minced pork and prawns, and prawn-egg omelette. Pretty edible. Yesterday was fried ikan bilis, bittergourd with eggs and ginger pork. I think I should cook more vege.

How boring.

There's nothing much to do tonight. House is still messy so don't feel like doing anything at all.

How boring.

In the meantime, playing chess. Thinking how to fry the liver properly. heh. Opponent's queen didn't get trapped in the end, but I've managed the semi-royal fork. King and rook. heh heh heh.

It's fun when you're winning.

Easily too. :)

Yahoo game bricks of egypt is very nice to play. Unfortunately free one hour has expired. Anyone got the free version of the game? :P

Perhaps I shall go out tomorrow night instead. Need some motivator. Wonder who's free for dinner. *sigh*

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