Tuesday, August 30, 2005


There will be no lessons tomorrow!

All say after me. Banzai!!

There is no work on Thursday!

All say after me. Banzai!!!

heh heh heh.

Good God, I do sound so depraved. :P

But I am in a good mood today, because of what one student said to me, that he found my lessons so much more fun, and that the other one was so boring.

heh heh ... or should it be ... snk snk snk. :P

And there are always some of them who would want to stay back and hear me impart 'wisdom of pearls', though at my age, what wisdom can I impart? I love answering their questions though, if they do ask intelligent ones, and sometimes it's always nice to talk to them about the science and nature around us.

I had promised to teach them to grow crystals, and it warms my heart to see them so enthusiastic, but I'm procastinating it, because I had been unhappy with the ugly ones. What am I to do? For the kids' sake, I would do it ... wouldn't you? *sigh*

And it only takes a handful of them to truely appreciate you to make you sometimes forget about the miserable days. Oh well, we all do know that life is not a bed of roses. Even dear hubby has that, so all the more important that one shows appreciation to one's love ones, because sometimes it is just that smile or hug that truely makes everything worthwhile.


Ponder of the day: how good is bird's nest anyway?

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