Sunday, July 24, 2005

War and peace

It is war, but of a different kind all together. A type which we have yet to come to understand and accept. It is indeed a war, not much of a difference between the world wars 1 and 2. You invaded a country, and people get killed. There is retaliation, and more people get killed. And it is always the innocents and the front-liners who died for an ideal, for a vision, or for some madman.

Do they actually realise that their country is at war with another, and although it seems that they have been the conquerers, there will always be strike backs, for the losers are not taking it quiet.

We may all seem so civilised and enjoying the peace, but the war rages on.

Sensational news really make a difference.

The time is now 9.20am. I have yet to wash the clothes or vacumn the floor. Looks like I'm hardly likely to go for yoga. Lazy bones just set in. The matter is stronger than the mind.

The floppy disk I stuck into the computer screamed bloody murder when I tried accessing the file. Thank goodness I saved out the important ones before that happened. Doing favours for people can be quite tough, you want to please, yet sometimes it can become a chore. I had to look through every disk for the backup I hope I had kept. I was quite surprised that the file I wanted was deleted off my computer. That tells me so much about my memory now.

The antivirus software is too good. It's preventing me from sending out emails.


Wen is really good to me. Amongst all my friends, she is someone I still meet up quite often, and who actually cooked for me and ensured that I had sufficient to eat. heh.

Of course her mom's cooking is much nicer, more of the traditional sytle, but hers sure is exotic.

And the main difference between she and me is that she follows the cookbook religiously, down to the minutest details, and even made notes after that.

I would never have done that. To me, the recipe is just a guide on how else I can cook something with. And if it's too difficult, next please.

The first dinner she made some green-coloured pancakes. Con put it nicely. Is she trying to poison us? heh heh. That wasn't very successful. The prwans were delicious though, with the lemon orchid sauce. Yum. Fifty dollars well spent. The soup was a little diluted and slightly salty. The curry chicken tasted strange without the chilli hot hot that I'm used to, but it was actually quite interesting and nice. Overall, not bad if you don't count the pancakes.

The second dinner she didn't try anything too exotic or time-consuming. Both Con and I decided that sometimes she shouldn't follow too closely to recipes. The egg omelette with chives was too much chives and too little egg. The chicken was nice and so was the fish. And soup was really good this time. Much better definitely.

It's nice to have someone cooked for you and you eat till you really feel full. Somehow after when I cooked, I just don't feel like eating much. And perhaps because of that, I might not be eating enough.

But yesterday was a pig-out session. We had peking duck. heh heh heh. It's a one in a three years affaire. I know she likes it as much as I do, but she doesn't say so. Oh well, sometimes there is a reason for celebrating. :P And shark's fin soup too. She actually mentioned she liked it. I was quite surprised, always thought she only liked double-boiled herbal soup. heh.

And dinner was with family. Seafood. Oh boy, the crabs were really good. Succulent even when cooked with pepper. And huge! And delicious! Oh droooool.

I've forgotten how nice it is sometimes to be able to shop with someone who gave valuable advice. It was nice shopping with Wen. It was nice to have company. It was definitely a rather nice day yesterday.

Perhaps sometimes you just felt that there are no friends left to talk to, or to do things together, and become so immersed in work and your own life. Then someone comes along and took that belief away. Sometimes one just need to have the company, sometimes one just need to have someone else to affirm that you are still alive, to be interested in you as a person. It's not just about work, work and work.

It's nice to have someone showing concern over you, and I mean real concern, and not only just because of the circumstances.

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