Monday, July 25, 2005

Memory rejects

Before I forget ...

Lunch tomorrow to remember to cook the fish cakes.

Duh. I forgot to cook them yesterday. It's now how many days old? I hope they can still be eaten.

Not quite unlike the squid, where the smell was so strong even cooking with chilli couldn't mask it.

Double triple doh.

Menu for dinner tomorrow would be:
bittergourd with eggs
bittergourd with soup
crab meat balls
either fish or chicken

I forgot to buy tofu for the soup.

See how absent-minded I've become.

Triple quad doh.

Nice tupperware. heh heh heh. Feel like buying more stuffs. :P

I still want:
1. one frying pan
2. microwave oven
3. double boiler
4. slow cooker
5. one egg white seperater
6. one lemon squeezer

Actually come to think of it, there're a lot of things I want.

It's the stress of teaching those kids. I feel so stressed. I really really felt very very stress. I really really really prefered teaching express students.

My brain feels really really really dead after trying to 'teach'.

You know how terrible it can be if you do not get enough brain stimulation sometimes?

That's why I enjoy playing chess.
That's why I enjoy doing puzzles.
That's why I enjoy creating puzzles.

Potato head me now.

And what do we do when we feel stressed? Just felt like shopping mindlessly and spending mindlessly to fill up the emptiness.

I have a headache.

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