Monday, July 18, 2005


My ear was blocked since early this morning ... about eight. That would make it almost seven hours now. What a record.

And guess what, just as I was forming the words to the above sentence, I sneezed twice. 'Poop' goes the ears.


Now why didn't that happen much much much earlier? Perhaps I did sneeze then, but it didn't help.

The question now is, should I seek medical help when my ear is blocked? Would it matter if I get help when my ear is not blocked?

It's been four months.

Blistering bloody irritating.

Meeting up with ex-colleagues really makes me miss them very much. However, it also reminded me just how much I wanted to get out of there the last time. Situation was just getting worse. How awful it is, when after all the work you have done, and all the effort you put in, you are of the least priorty, and not even considered in her eyes? To the extent that you didn't even have a place to sit after all your duties.

Sad, isn't it?

Whoops, I sniffed, and my ear got blocked again. Is there going to be another new record?

The situation is the same just about everywhere. It sucks so much now that I just don't feel like getting out of bed anymore in the morning. It's just so depressing that I just want weekends to last forever. I whine. I whine. *sigh*

Perhaps it was just all a conspiracy to put someone of their own camp up there. Or perhaps that was just part of their plan. Whatever it is, I wonder when will others start to question just exactly how much are them getting?

I wonder when the e is. Have all been beaten so much that there isn't anyone left to have one? Then again, it really doesn't matter. There's no power anyway. Life still rotates with this world.

And it was indeed interesting to note that someone was being critisised pubically. Now, that would never ever have happen if they are powerful or important enough ya? Don't wanna go Siberia, ya?

The gantries are put up and money will start disappearing in a few weeks time. How does it help? Building a new road or enlarging the width of the road might, but noooo, money is more exciting and more rewarding. And believe it, it'll never go away even if they do build one. What's the point? It's too clear.

To live in this place, you have to pay through your nose. And all we can ever do is sigh.

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