Friday, July 15, 2005


Boy, do I look forward to Friday. Thursdays are awful days, with a horrible class in the beginning of the day, and an awful one at the end. Can die. By the time work ended, I was so dead tired, and it was starting to hurt. :(

Thank god it's Friday.

Dearest hubby bought a new ps2 game. After watching him losing his balance again and again on the wooden slits, I offered to help him there. Sometimes it takes a gentle woman's touch. :P And it was kinda fun. A little longer on it, and I finally pushed him off the sofa (yup, literally) and hogged the game for myself.

It's kinda good to play a hack and slash game sometimes to slash away the day's frustrations. But I guess it's not too good to be sleeping at 3am because of that.

Whoops. :P

Another lonely Friday night, but monsters are awaiting.

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