Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Life is a battle ...

against dust and clutter and contractors. And horrible people too. I don't have time or energy or the mood to do work when I bring it home. There's cooking, followed by washing and cleaning to do. And by the time one starts winding down, one can't do anything else except be stoned on bloging. *sigh*

We were informed by our friendly neighbour's mother that the whole building shook last night and terrified them went down to avoid building collapse. The mom rang our doorbell wildly ... but unfortunately we haven't installed one yet. And we certainly didn't feel any shakes whatsoever. Too soundly asleep. Too dead to the world. Slept the beauty peace of the baby. :P I suppose if there's ever a fire, we might sleep through it too, though the bloody fire-bell is just outside our door.

So we now know that if there're any disasters, people run out of the building to downstairs, and NOT into the bomb shelter. Excellent ideas someone had. We all know who. How really stupid. Now we see the three hundred and sixty round about turn. Ohh ... but who are we to complain? After all sheeps can only bleat huh.


PM asked what I usually cook. I can't remember off-hand, so I shall keep a record of sorts here. Tonight's dinner, I truely thought, was great. heh heh. Self-praise is real praise. :P :P Okie okie, watercress soup with chicken-bone stock; steamed tofu with minced pork and prawn; asparagus with prawns and dried mushrooms and stir-fry squid with chilli. I would have taken photos of it, but that's going way to far self-patting on the back. heh heh. Actually the real reason was no digital camera lah. *bleah* Yesterday's dinner was pork rib soup with lotus shoot; chicken with ginger and needle mushrooms, egg with bittergourd and minced pork. Hmm, Sunday lunch was egg omelette with onions, stir-fry beef with celery; assorted mushrooms with minced pork and peas, and too lazy to make soup.

Boy, thinking of all these food still makes me hungry. :P

Cooking does get a bit boring sometimes. There's only a few dishes I know how to cook. Dunno how to make curry chicken (too troublesome actually) ... and dunno what other stuffs to cook. Only know chinese style of cooking. What should I do?

There's something wrong with me today. I'm still feeling rather hungry! Mustn't eat too much, must go yoga tomorrow. Repeat chant.

I feel like junk food. :X

Probably I'm falling sick ... been sneezing like crazy for a while. And throat does feel a bit sore.

And the walls are still cracked.

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