Friday, March 11, 2005


I'm not so sure whose bright idea it was. But it was damn tiring and hot. All the running back and forth, climbing up stairs and slopes and running downhills ... and chasing after buses and trucks ... whew.

But Sentosa is nice. I've not been there for a long time now.

My feet hurt. No one told me that it was going to be so tough running after five kids. Besides my sports shoes were boarded up in the cupboard. The going wasn't too bad. Yoga truely helped. At least I didn't feel that tired or achy or breathless, just generally spaced out and rather bored.

Sometimes people tend to be too ambitious. Perhaps a better idea was to start early in the morning instead and have the day off.

Damn, my feet really hurts. :( All those stones and rocks ... there was a jungle trail which we ran around three times. And yes, I ran with them in the beginning.

And we managed to flag down a truck where the driver kindly gave us, poor tired and hot us, a lift to the next station. The air-con was bliss! Those stupid buses just refused to stop and bloody bus-stop was like never in sight.

Imagine them walking in the middle of the road and doing jumping jacks.

Completely crazy.

I just got a message telling me that we won ourselves a free chess course. Actually it was our better team who won it, they got first, see ... but, it's like, so duh isn't it? Why would those super players want a chess lesson for? Ha. ha ha. *fixed grin* I couldn't believe my eyes when I read it. So damn silly of those organisers. So captain is asking me if I want to go. Hmm ... should I? Wonder what's the standard like. heh.

Did I mention that my feet hurts?

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