Thursday, March 10, 2005

The sharks are circling

We've called in the lawyer.

Suddenly, I have this feeling of some big silver fish drooling at all the cash he's going to make out of it. It is somewhat a relief actually, to know that action has been taken, but at the same time, you just kinda wonder if it's going to be for the better.

We couldn't stand all those defects anymore. And their silly excuses and stupid apologies. I wanted revenge. My friend chuckled. But he was fast to take up the case. Hmmm.

All lawyers only have one thing in their mind. Themselves. And money. Oh, was that two things?

The other lawyer friend I knew, slightly better a long time ago, was just as money-faced. heh heh. :P And he was blatent about it.

But then, everyone is only interested in money these few days. The best ever motivater.

And suddenly, there seem to be more intruders into my blog. Define yourself or be banish! bwahahaha. *choke* heh heh. It's all xena's fault. *looks pointedly at her down my sweet little nose* humf.

I'd better stay away from her.

Back to nice innocent topics, damn, I dunno how to play King's Gambit. :(

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