Friday, March 11, 2005


It was a total of three hours all together. The waiting, the visit, the x-rays, the scheduing of appointments, the waiting and the waiting and the waiting.

At the pharmacy, I observed. Technology has moved too fast for the older generation. When their number appeared on those small boxes above the counter, most of the time they were not aware of them. After several ding-dongs and finally name-callings, some of them finally shuffled up to collect their medcienes. Others were not so lucky. There was a list of numbers, very tiny numbers, of those who missed the queue. Most of the people there were old folks, and most of them were either alone, or with their friends, just as old.

It's a big hospital, not like those nice small family clinics which we used to have. It's a cold sterile and promises-to-be-efficient place. What do I know?

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