Sunday, March 27, 2005

Overwhelming weekend!

I've never had such a wonderful weekend for such a long time now!

First of all, when did all those slopes appear at the East Coast Park?!?!?!! *mutter* I don't remember so many slopes. The usual humps, yes ... but slopes? And they were quite steep too! Ack.

Well, not that I fell when we went there on Friday. But the difficulty level sure went up. The slopes were not as bad as West Coast Park, but it's scary enough.

Min didn't take the hint in the beginning. She went zooming on her bic once she got her hands on it. There I was at the shop waving my arms at her to get her back to hold my hands. I needed time to get used to the sudden mobility what. I'll give PM marks for bravery though. She didn't wait for no one, and landed with a scraped elbow. :P We could manage humps this time, and as long as PM didn't panic and swerve into me, we were fine and went pretty fast. I guess I'm not too good a friend to her. Everytime when she panicked and cut into my lane, I let go of her hand and allow her to crash. *bleah* She fell flat onto her nose once, and crashed into some stupid bike stopping in the middle of a slope. Poor her ... but it sure was a fun time! :) :) And we had dim sum after that at my favourite dim sum place!! :) heh heh

Two hours in the hot sun sure gave me two different colours. I wonder if the other two had started to peel yet. :P

Okie, so Wen had shark fin's egg tart in HK, but I'm not missing anything! :P

I was running on lack of sleep on Friday, with only two hours of sleep. Yet I was so extremely high-strung. I guess it had to do with spending the whole night watching anime and looking forward to meeting my friends. Not very safe though, especially the driving part.

And speaking about driving on the roads, let me add on to Re-mi's declaration on road signs here. The road signs are all ridiculous. Many of them are hidden behind trees, some of them are extremely inaccurate. There was this road sign which showed ECP(Changi Airport) right on a slip road to the left, and I panicked, thinking that I've missed the exit. But nooo ... the sign was actually refering to an exit a few hundred metres down the road. You can't drive around in Spore with all these road signs. They confuse rather than help. You just have to memorise the entire street map before setting out in the car. And it certainly didn't help with PM and Min trying to help me navigate!

Here's another example, I knew that AYE leads to ECP, but CTE leads to AYE doesn't lead to ECP. And you wouldn't know that until it's too late (unless you memorise the map). Good thing I suspected that, and got PM to verify for me on the map! And many a times, the road signs are simply giving wrong information. *sigh* So you're forced to buy a street directory which cost like more than $10!


Then we went to visit PM's new born niece. Err ... I think she's too small to be pretty or cute yet, but I'm sure she'll be extremely pretty and cute. :) Sleeps very soundly ... and no, it doesn't make me wanting to have kids yet. *bleah*

I spent the whole of yesterday cleaning up the house. With curtains in, the house is so much nicer ... and is now a home. I vacummed the whole place, and mop the living/dining room twice. Housework is tiring, my knees are red, I think I've done enough exercise for the whole year! My place is now beautiful! The furniture are also here. And it's now time to pack stuffs away, and to start moving our things in.

:) :)

Of course the wall is still cracked, after they patched again and painted over. But I'm beyond that now. Crack better .. haha. They seem quite worried now ... I wonder if the letter had gotten to them yet. :P

Current anime addicted to: Mai Hime. Last episode next week!

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