Sunday, March 06, 2005

More about nothing

To Xena: Would you like to go for my friend's speed dating thingy then? You could bring along any single interesting males and/or females. heh heh heh.


I walked off the split level the other day back at my parent's place. One minute I was walking towards my old room which had been partially taken over by younger bro, the next minute I was stumbling and falling hard onto the ground. Hit my bloody knee. Must have been away for too long. duh.

Said knee is pretty bruised. A bit painful to do some yoga, but I'm whining, don't believe me.

Time flows in half hour blocks. Am hooked on the anime channel nowadays. There's always something quite interesting to watch. And boy, time sure flies. Was supposed to do those damn markings I brought back to complete during my sick leave, but ... ahem ahem ... *bleah*


Just gotta do them all by tonight at least. They're moving quite fast. Questions like 'How does a condom work?' and answers like 'By putting the erect penis into it' makes for very fast marking. Most of them gave me textbook answers, which is a relief actually. I don't hurt my tummy laughing too much.

I like this:
- and then there was a sound like wet laundry hitting a wall and, it turned out, the only thing that could survive the fall was a corpse.
Moving pictures, Terry Pratchett.

Was feeling rather sore on the lower back for the whole week, but after yoga today, the soreness disappeared. Hooray for yoga! :)

Now all I need to do is to finish up the work and start prepare dinner in a while. :) Stir fry beef with celery, stewed(?) mixed-mushrooms and brocoli on the menu tonight. I shall have to get a saucepan (to make better egg omelettes), a slow cooker (to cook food slowly, duh) and did you ever go and check out all those kitchen stuffs by WMF? They're damn cool ... and ingenious! And very pretty too! Bloody damn expensive as well.

Perhaps it's time to tell people what I would like for the housewarming party. heh heh heh. :P

I want to get this CD! And everything on Howl's Moving Castle!!! :P

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