Monday, March 07, 2005


I ought to be doing something called 'work', but this is so much more relaxing. Work can only be done at the lastest minute, before the hour hand reaches the thirteen blip, before you decide you want to go to bed, which eventually translates to 'I'll do it early tomorrow morning.'. After all one shouldn't allow one's work to run one's life, right? :P

More funny stuffs:
Any water that had passed through so many kidneys, they reasoned, had to be very pure indeed.

Eventually Conina said, 'All right. How did you get the carpet to fly? Does it really do the opposite of what you command?'
'No, I just paid attention to certain fundamental details of laminar and spatial arrangements.'
'You've lost me there,' she admitted.
'You want it in non-wizard talk?'
'You put it on the floor upside down,' said Rincewind.

~Sourcery, Terry Pratchett.

That was pretty hilarious. It made me chuckle. Which says a lot. After all, I try not to laugh too much when I'm reading. Now almost a book a day. Did I say I need to do 'work'? You didn't hear that, did you?

More household things to buy:
tupperware, freezer mates this time. sis-in-law just smsed me that they're on offer. *drool*
garlic cutter? They actually have something called a garlic cutter? Looks ... interesting. Wonder if it's useful. Pretty pretty too. All shiny and metallic. Got sale coming leh. *wipes drool*

Hey, at least I don't literally drool onto pillows. Not yet anyway. :P

Got sale, maybe can buy slow cooker too. *bleah*

I'm greedy. :)

Hardly many exciting blogs to read nowadays. Re-mi seems to have gone into hibernation. He isn't as poetic as he was back where he used to be. M.B. reads domesticated. Hammie isn't writing anymore either. *sigh* ... xena must entertain me a little okie? pleasie? heh heh heh. *siam her whack*



Violin music on anime. Makes me want to start learning again. *sigh* Funny how come shows woman playing violin got piano accompaniment. doh.

Am bored. Don't wanna do work. :X

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