Friday, January 21, 2005

Unabashed praise

Did I ever mention that my new place is BEAUTIFUL? :)

Very very beautiful.

With a magnificant view of the park, and far away, at the horizon, we can see the outline of The Westin. Our view spans slightly more than a hundred and eighty degrees, and on a clear blue sky like today, the clouds seem tantalizing low. I could just about reach out my fingers and pluck a woolly mammoth to help me clean those blasted windows.

At night, the stars come alive, sparkling and twinkling with amusement at two silly mortals who kept trying to strain their necks. I would shoot the red danger light though, if I could ... but an airplane might mistake me for its landing spot. Till we clean out the terrace and lay a mat then.

The wind visits us every day, rushing in from the living room and passing through all all the other rooms before exiting with a flourish to somewhere secret. It dances through my hair, and flutters the laundry and leaves a trail of dust on the floor. Thank you. For me to clean almost every day.

Lunch is ready. A simple meal consisting of a cod fish, a mushroom omelette and a vegetable soup. Now it is waiting for my dearest one to quickly come home and sample my great cooking. Gee ... I must admit, I cook pretty well. heh heh. :P

But a lot of hardwork does go into it. And to self: never ever cut ginger when one has an open wound. Yikes, it sure stings!

And I'm actually reading Terry Pratchett's Night Watch, due tomorrow. Is it any good?

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