Saturday, January 22, 2005

After dinner thoughts.

It's such a damn hot day today. Curtains! We need curtains soon. Have not found any yet, haven't been seriously shopping for curtains yet. Curtains are going to cost a bomb. But how often would one change one's curtains?

Cooked lunch and dinner today. Burned my hand. Stupid stove airhole not very even, flames sprouting high up on one side. Stupid stupid. Good thing I didn't leave my wrist in the fire for too long to cook. Now it just feels a bit tender. Grrr.

Cooking isn't easy. The preparation takes a long while. My nose is now desensitised to the smell of garlic. In fact, chopping up garlic is much easier than cutting ginger. You see, for the garlic, one just need to chop chop hazardedly, but ginger needs to be sliced thinly. I've not acheived the skill level of Master Yan. So it takes hell of a time to slice a ginger, with me and my big fat fingers in the way. But hey, I love cooking! :)

So I'm always thinking and planning of what to cook next. :) It's always a meat dish, a vege and a soup. Just enough for the two of us. Sometimes an egg omelette is good too. We had fried prawns and mushroom fritters (aka tempura style but using plain flour instead of tempura), some over-steamed vege and raddish soup for lunch; grilled chicken wings, stir-fry vege and soup for dinner. They're actually pretty good. heh heh. Hubby loves it. And it actually tasted pretty good for a fussy eater like me. :P

Fruits later.

And maybe ice-cream.

So I'm down with flu actually. And it really makes me extremely hungry. I've been eating lots of stuffs in between, which isn't really very good for my throat. Perhaps if I'm still sick on Monday, I can take sick leave? :P haha. Mustn't start on that. Evil me.

Wen is getting another dog. A female one this time. And to be flown from Aus too. Another greyhound, if I get it correct. Pretty too. Saw her pics, really cute. :) She's going to be extremely busy now. I told her, too bad Bis had been ... you know. hahaha. Else she can start a family soon.

Life is just good. To be contented is to be happy, perhaps. :)

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