Thursday, January 20, 2005

Thursday! At last!

Internet connection at long last!


Gee, after moving to my new place, it feels like totally disconnected from the world. No telephone, no internet, and all my friends seem to have gone to ground. But it was nice ... spending all my time with my dearest hubby. :)

So I cook, and clean ... and he washes the clothes. heh heh.

I confess ... I'm a little afraid of the washing machine. It and I are not really fated to be together. I'm not the kind of girl who hangs around the washing machine, full of curiousity to know how it works. Unlike my older brother, whom I once saw a photo of, when he was a wee little boy, poking his head into the washing machine to see how it worked. My hubby said he did that too. Err ... is it something about boys and washing machines?

And so I have my internet connection and I can do my stuffs now. My work computer is so damn fishy slow, and I can feel eyes grinding into my back everytime I use it. What an awful feeling!

Third week has come and gone. Thank god tomorrow is a holiday.

Time economics (16th January)

I'm glad that the kitchen is tiny. I can mop the place in less than 5 minutes. And we're talking about getting down on hands and knees - a cursory swipe though.

In times of great need, I found that I can actually shampoo, condition, soap, rinse, wash and dry, all under fifteen minutes; including, as a bonus, breathing water into the nose.

That's no mean feat (the short time I mean, not the nose part), considering that us women usually take forever to make ourselves clean. A friend once expressed doubt that one could clean oneself so fast ... but hey, this is only a rare occurrence, and only when I'm in a great hurry.

The saying goes like this: the nearer you live to your workplace, the later you will be for your work. *pause to ingest profound statement* ... Hubby says: the mountain is far for the Emperor. How true.

For every one more minute lying in bed, that amounts to almost one more minute too close to being late.

Ahh, but what bliss it is not to go to work. :P

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