Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Ten and one things for today

1. I should never have smiled at them on the first day. Now I've lost it. It's going to be terribly difficult from now onwards.

2. I missed my kids from back there. I missed my form class from last year. I put photos of them and stuffs they gave me on my desk at work.

3. What do you do when the boy kept flipping a pen knife in his hands? I have to think of something else tomorrow.

4. There are always good things and no-so-good things. I think they are rather inefficient and extremely paranoid with security.

5. I am so very very tired but I cannot rest.

6. I was a little disappointed but I really don't care.

7. I was so happy yesterday to meet my friends again. Even though I was so tired and had to prepare lesson. Wasn't feeling very chirpy but just very pleased to be with them. Min is still wearing her red shoes. :) PM is just as lovely as ever. And we managed to get Lin to buy two pairs of shoes. heh. Thank goodness there are people like them in my life.

8. Xel is back!

9. I wonder what other people think of me.

10. I do not need coffee to stay awake. I just need to go for yoga. Damn, the next available class is Sun and my teacher is not back yet. :(

Is it really possible to sms wrongly to someone who is a complete stranger? Who the hell was that?

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