Saturday, January 08, 2005

The things I'm blessed with ...

My parents are the bestest of the best. They came to help us wash the house because they knew we are still wet behind the ears and probably not know how to handle it. I've learnt all about the art of house cleaning. :P

No one else would have helped.

Time flies. First week has come and gone. I'm tired, but nothing beats a good night sleep. I wonder where all my energy is coming from. Perhaps I'll weigh myself later to check if I've lost weight. :P

Still need to do yoga. Xena: Which day of the week do you go for yoga? :P

I hope my intermediate course starts soon.

People are getting more irrational nowadays. I quote from Xena ...

"...I then got a sermon about the quake being one of the signs of Armageddon. And the point of these... signs... that have claimed so many, many, many innocent lives AND children? A chance for the non-believers to repent, and to believe. Since this was followed with a very meaningful and expectant look, and I was an outsider of the faith, I didn't think I had the moral authority to then ask: "What about those who died? What about those who BELIEVED? What's the point to that? ALL of that."

An earthquake, a tsunami, a volcanic eruption, a typhoon ... they are natural disasters. Read: Natural. It happens. As the world is. I think the Earth has been too quiet for a long time now, and people forgot that earthquakes happen when the earth crust moves; that tsunami happens when the seabed rocks. And inevitably, people will die because of that. It is all part of a cycle, a cycle of life and death, of renewal and change. It's a disaster, it's sad.

I'm just glad no one preached at me. heh heh.

This reminds me of Tin Tin and the Shooting Star. :P

I think for all those people who just stand around and preach, they should get their arse down there and help those suffering instead of opening their mouths all the time.

But what we can avoid are wars. Where people kill one another because of oil, because of religious difference, because of petty quarrals.

So I'm super dense. Does that really mean that if we Believe, all these natural disasters could be avoided? You mean we can stop the movement of the plates with a single collective thought? Or better still, the rotation of the Earth's axis with a collective breath? I'll definitely be as mad as her if someone said that to me. Poor Xena. :P

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