Sunday, January 30, 2005

Little Rats

So we brought home the two little kittens. Okie, own up! Who's bright idea was that?

They mewed pathetically the whole night last night. I grumbled to hubby to check on them, but dear hubby turned over and covered his ears with his bolster. The next morning, we found the two poor little kittens soaking wet. The warm water bottle burst (actually it was a plastic bag) and the poor little kittens got cold and wet. Okie, who's bright idea was it with the water bag? :P

I read on the net that they must be kept warm, what. :P

The two kittens have not even opened their eyes. Poor little things. This morning, we got them to shit and pee, and they shited and peed onto me. I read that it's important to get them to remove their waste from their bodies, and we got to help them by stroking their behinds. But not onto me! Damn it. Well, dear hubby said the first stuffs which come out from them is sterile. Look who's talking. It's not on him Duh!

And we managed to feed them somewhat using a straw and some warm milk. Must get them goat's milk actually (according to the net), and must get a teat soon. They look only a three or four days old. I hope they can survive this. Poor little kittens. If they can, we're adopting them for good.

At least they don't stink now, after a nice soaking bath last night. *bleah*

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