Saturday, January 29, 2005


Was watching Superman 2 a while back. My favourite. He looked so young, and now he's gone. Time flies. And gee, I didn't know that Gene Hackman was Lex Luther. haha. Too bad it wasn't the first Superman. I think I love the first one best.

We are now living in a studio apartment. All the bedrooms are not accessible anymore. The workers are hacking out quite a bit of the timber floor. It's kinda nice actually, having the mattress, the TV, the computer and everything else in the living room. It's really quite a nice feeling. heh heh.

Good thing I read this (the others, 28th Jan) only early in the morning and not late at night. I will definitely get spooked. Especially most of the nights, I'm alone at home till pretty late. eerie for sure!

There were two mewing kittens in a box by the site office. Poor litte ones, abandoned by the mother. Not sure if they can survive for long. :(

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