Monday, January 31, 2005

Raising kittens 101

Some good webpages to read on how to raise kittens.

1. Kitten Care Handbook

2. Raising Orphan Kittens

They're still mewing away. I've fed them, and got them to pee, but they are still mewing away. What am I to do?

Anyway here are some pics of them. :)
The two of them snoozing together.

The grey one. Big little bugger. Likes to mew a lot. Rather aggressive too. Kicks a lot. Scratches bloody painful too.

The smaller one. Hubby's favourite. Pretty colours. Starting to mew a lot and kick a lot too. Where they get their energy?

That little red coka cola box is the den hubby makes for them. Quite cozy actually, we've lined it with newspapers and tissue papers. And we've put them next to the fridge. Nice and warm. And I've added a warm water bottle in as well. They're both hugging near the fridge most of the time, if they're not mewing their lungs out.

Oh dear ... there they go again. What! I've just fed them an hour ago! I need to prepare for dinner, not to feed them again.


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