Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Of truths, lies and excuses

Ohh ... my voice is now low, sexy and husky. Bet I could sing as well as Diana Krall now! hahaha. I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I may lose my voice if I do. Besides I feel too depressed and stressed about the house right now and I cannot concentrate on entertaining monkeys and gorillas.

I shall have to think of something tomorrow!

I think I shall like Didactylos best. Ambi-sinister? That was real cool! And I love the part most when he was brought before Vorbis, stand accused of dragging the minds of men from the path of true knowledge. And Didactylos denied his belief. 'No,' he said. And sang to the tune of Vorbis, stunning him to speechlessness. On parting, he threw his lantern and it smashes against Vorbis's skull.

'Nevertheless ... the Turtle Moves!'

That whole part really cracked me up.

And that is the work of a superbly ingenious genius. Ahh, refreshing indeed. Totally unexpected. One hell of a smart person too. What is a truth or a lie anyway? They're just words that people want to hear. ha. They're just excuses aren't they? I shan't subscribe to that one.

Okie, so TP is indeed quite funny. And I'm always a sucker for authors who make references to my favourite game: Bishops move diagonally. That's why they often turn up where kings don't expect them to be.

Okie ... next!

But I would rather he do much more character development with his characters. Sometimes too many at one go gets confusing. Hmmm ... perhaps I'm just not used to the style yet.

I can just press with my fingernails and the wood cracked. That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I need a lawyer. Can anyone recommend me one who can sue the pants off those developers who took all the money but end up with shoddy work?

And speaking of chess, during the two weeks without internet connection, I forgot that I was playing in chessworld, and lost a game on time. Bloody fool me. That is what one gets when one grows older. Just the other day, I was talking to some colleagues and they even reminded me that I'm one year older this year. I was quite insistent that I was only one year younger. heh. Ahh, but I feel and look like five years younger! The trials of being an adult. *sigh* ... that which I have to settle the problem of the house right now.

The study room is now a happy bright sunny yellow colour. All it needs is for hubby to paint a pretty sunflower for me. :) He did say he'll do it, didn't you dearest? :P

So now they're playing CNY songs everyday in the shopping centres and department stores. Poor hubby gets zombified by all those tunes repeating over and over again for the thirteen hours he has to work. That is blatant mind-washing torture. You think the ginger beer torture is bad? Wait till you get the Chinese New Year tunes torture. They're damn irritating and loud and awful. And poor me, the poor wife who guaiguai stays at home but gets a earful of the songs when dear hubby comes home and SINGS to me the CNY songs. *rolls eyes*


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