Wednesday, December 08, 2004

When I'm feeling down ...

The things darling says which makes me laugh.
Wash and blow takes an entire different meaning all together.

ha hi hu he ho (one of the Japanese vowels)
bo hne hae ma hor (no fish prawns also good)

heh heh heh.

My right wrist is hurting. I think I might have injuired it a bit more than neccessary during the fall. Or perhaps it's all those yoga poses like crow, little bird, hand stand. My wrist was never strong to begin with. damnit.

I should start packing a little for tomorrow. Like bring my thick book to read, or those thick magazines which I never read, or even that yoga journal which I've not read. Wow, suddenly I've lots of stuffs to read.

Resigned my hopeless game. Another game playing with queen down. How bloody idiotic can I get?

Saw wok I wanted at Tangs. When will they have their great sale again? waiting waiting. :P

Showed off how to do backbends to mother-in-law. She said so difficult cannot do, so there. *bleah* Saw three little kittens at the park. Would be nice to catch one and bring home ... no, not for supper! I missed the CAT. The cat's children has kids now, and the whole yard is running wild with big rats ... I mean little cats. Not cute them, so extremely unfriendly. huh.

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