Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The power of words

So we shot off a letter of complain to the manager of the hotel. There. One down. One more to go. Oh boy oh boy oh boy ... I'm just waiting to write the second letter. muahahaha. This is what they're gonna get for giving us so much trouble and stress and sleepless nights. Not any fault of ours. I'm bad. I wonder how much they'll try to apologise.

The more we thought of it, the more annoyed we got. ha.

In another vein of thought, I'll have to go for a minor surgery this Thursday. It's a little scary, but I'm not too worried. In fact, I feel very calm, must be all that yoga I'm doing. Plus dearest hubby will always be by my side. :) I think I sounded too cheerful over the phone with my insurance agent. Must try to be more serious. Hmmm ... I don't mind flowers though. Sunflower or lily would be nice. ;) I must send them thank you cards or xmas cards too. They're all very nice. :)

We'll have to send the car in soon. Might have to do some respray works. May that person who did that evil thing rot in hell too. No happy xmas for him. grr.

I'm not writing very coherently. I'm tired. All that running around and seeing to this and that, and seeing them ... *whew* ... no wonder hubby is already sleeping. I'm just zoning out here. I need to do more yoga though.

* Y A W N ***

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