Saturday, December 11, 2004

Being thankful

Surgery was okie, well ... if it wasn't, I won't be here typing away. Heh. The OT was extremely freezing cold. I had two blankets but was still freezing, and they had to transfer me onto the icy cold operating table when I had already warmed up my bed. huh. I think they were tying to kill me with all that cold, especially I had nothing to eat since 10pm the night before. Brrr. I kept smelling food all the way to my ward.

The prof was really very nice. Hubby knew him, said he was very nice, and I must agree with that. Shall send him a xmas card. :) He didn't charge me consultation fees too, and he saw me at very short notice. Didn't really like the drugs the anaesthetist injected me with. He asked me if I liked them, and I said not very much, and he told me he always wondered why since that was what drug addicts inject themselves with. I was too 'tired' to banter with him, though strangely enough my brains were still on high alert. After which they gassed me and I fell asleep. When I woke up, somehow it felt that only 40 minutes had passed. But it was actually more than an hour. Strange things do happen! Being plugged was extremely painful though, more painful than blood donations, more painful than injections; no wonder Grandma always screamed. hmm. And he said it was only a scratch. Yeah right.

I haven't had much rest since, been running around with hubby enjoying our holiday. Must rest tomorrow!

Today we went down to Funan. On the way there, as we passed by BreadTalk, I asked hubby, 'Are you hungry yet dear?', he replied nope. A few more steps further, I asked him again, 'Are you hungry yet dear?', he rubbed thoughtfully at his tummy and replied nope. A few more steps further, I asked the same question again, he hesitated a bit .... and said not really. 'Are you sure you don't want to eat anything?' He said nope and pulled me along. At the elevator, I asked him again, 'Are you hungry dear?' And he finally admitted that he was feeling a little hungry. heh heh heh.

Funan is a toy shop for hubby. Enough said. My poor feet. :P

I love him. He's the best thing that ever happen to me. :) I'm really thankful I have him. :) :)

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