Monday, December 06, 2004

tic tac toed

I feel that I've forgotten what day and what date today is. Each day passes so quickly, so full of joy and happiness, and it's a struggle to remember to be serious. Especially since I hardly watch the telly or read the newspapers. We're all in our own little world.

On Saturday, hubby and I went blading. Now I understand why people usually go to the East Coast Park to blade, and not to the West Coast Park. It was a lovely cloudy day with puffs of wind tugging at my hair. The sun's light was muted through the clouds and it was certainly a good morning to get some exercise. There weren't too many people around the park, and we went one big round - fast, on our blades. Hubby's blades rocked! Very fast he went ... wheee! whooossssh! wow. BUT. after an hour or so, hubby stopped, waited for me. Look dear, there's a slope. Let's go down together. And together we held hands and went whhhheeeee! Lovely! Gentle incline of about ten degrees. shoik! What can I say? Look look dear, another one over there! Let's try it! Are you sure? It sure looks rather steep. No matter, I'll hold you tightly. Okie. :) Whhheeeee! We're going too fast! Too fast! Watch out! Drain grills at the bottom! Okie, cleared one! Slow down slow down slow down! I can't slow down!! Another grill! Watch it!! WAaaaaaaah! Thump! Bump! ouch. ouch. groan. heh heh heh. Hubby landed on his bum. Hard. Me? I was already bending my knees very very low, so it didn't hurt too much. But earlier on, there was a short steep slope which I fell (not very memoriable but damn painful). So both of us had battle scars to show. And add neck injury to the insult. But hubby's ego hurt most. *grins*

Okie, so we were just two impossible beginners trying to be funny and going fast down slopes when we didn't really know how to slow down or stop. Did I see you rolling your eyes? heh. Will do better next time! More slopes! Bring them on!


Am not going to play chess yet.

Hubby has been playing half life 2 for the past mornings. I would watch him play by the bed. It's very addictive to play and to watch him play. I tried not to, really, but it's hard when he would call out, what next what next! And there're lots of booming and interesting sounds emmiting from the computer. I just had to watch, and give him directions, like when he say things like I'm stuck I'm stuck! How? *sniff* ... you didn't turn right and go that way, dear. So usually after half an hour of watching, I would feel extremely sick. Practically turned green in the face, turned to the side and stick my tongue out. *bleah* All the nausea and spinning going on. It's really bad, trust me. Took stemetil that day. It's THAT bad. Hubby was also feeling rather sick when he played too long. What a game! heh. Give me a nice proper RPG next time.

And many things had happened since. We've got our nice solid wood (mahagony) bed and side table and dining table. *beamz* So now we have to eat black beans for all our meals. *joke*. You may donate money to me though. *no joke* :P

And there are lots of evil people out there. I curse them and hope that that person who did that thing will get struck by lightning one day.

And I gotta run.

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